The imperative nature of this 2020 Election

The imperative nature of this 2020 Election

John Roberts shatters Supreme Court expectations

This image, and the link is from CNN – the link goes to one of their stories about the legal battle over abortion.

Me? My personal opinion?


God help so many of us, I pray … and, I pray too for the so many lost lives – because, yes, abortion is the taking of human life. Some people know it – and that’s murder – I believe, they will answer to God; some do not know – and I pray they wake up.

I’m Just Sayin’ …

Man sues police for excessive force in a case of mistaken identity

Perfect example of why we must have a different kind of policing…..

This is unconscionable – and, no money will make what they did to him …’right’.

We have a personality type that is drawn to Policing type careers … and, our society has encouraged this culture … of ‘control’, arrest – with prejudice … and ask questions later…. Lock down any block, any neighborhood, any city … at the drop of a hat and have an ARMY move in – on a moments notice.

It’s too much.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Check out this video on Uticaod:

This simple standard puts Justice back in the courts, and, ultimately back into the hands of the People

Crime and Punishment in 2020 & Beyond

Clearly we have a wide range and depth of issues in our cities, and with people living in the impoverished areas within them – which our larger society – with the individual neighborhoods and communities together – must address. I invite you to seek out my coming composition Survived but Never Reconciled.

I have no need to ‘guess’ why Rayshard Brooks fought so hard that fateful night – because I know; and so, I have an insight to offer, and perhaps a partial solution to add to this imperative discussion.

It’s not THE solution but if we begin to shift our point of view – just a little – maybe we can take a fair swing at real change for many people.

[I suggest]We need to clearly establish the varying degrees when it comes to legal, illegal, and criminal; and, adjust how we enforce and respond to violations. I suggest, we need to better establish as a larger society – which events that should immediately take away a man’s’ or women’s liberty … and those which ought not.

Further, how we enforce a law matters. Do we enforce with lethality a violation which had no violent component – do we take a person’s liberty – on the spot – for a non violent violation? And, if he objects – do we shoot him?

Even further, allow me to digress and say clearly that towns, villages, small cities across America Do Not Need to be able to deploy SWAT teams to anywhere in the town or county – at the drop of a hat!

These municipalities do NOT need to be able to cordon off blocks, neighborhoods – with the forces and actions, which are so common in America today.

This man, Rayshard Brooks, and so many others like him, fought [and fight] simply because he wanted to go HOME that fateful night.  He did nothing that should have led to the loss of his life – to be candid – he did nothing that made it imperative to take his freedom on the spot.

This was (could have been handled as a mostly CIVIL matter) [if law and enforcement had a different mindset]  – but the mindset of the day is CONTROL, ARREST.

Immediately take away the most precious thing a man or woman has … their Liberty.

The kind of violation has become irrelevant … this guy wasn’t violent – he just wanted to go home

The Police, on the spot, were going to take his liberty because he fell asleep waiting in line. I get it – shame on him – and, he was surely driving and drinking. Impound the car – give him a ticket – and send him home. It gets handled civilly … by courts and communities; not the police.

Some of this is really that simple; and that complex. If we had some National Standard where … IF a subject of police contact has not committed violence in any way – that person can expect to go home that day [after processing and arraignment].

And, that is just one point of departure for a new and needed discussion. I pray our President has the courage to get into all this – we need someone to [please read the coming composition Survived but Never Reconciled.].

Mr. Brooks would be alive if that was the law of the land. It matters not if he had drugs in his pocket, unpaid parking tickets, was intoxicated, had no drivers’ license, or just smelled bad and had a lousy attitude.

The Subject Goes Home That Day; [unless violence is a part of the reason for arrest].

This simple standard puts Justice back in the courts, and, ultimately back into the hands of the People; and takes a great deal of stress off ‘routine’ police interactions and encounters.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


Crime and Punishment in 2020

Crime and Punishment in 2020 & Beyond

Clearly we have a wide range and depth of issues in our cities, and with people living in the impoverished areas within them – which our larger society with the individual neighborhoods and communities together – must address.

I have no need to ‘guess’ why Rayshard Brooks fought so hard that fateful night – because I know; and so, I have an insight and offer a partial solution to add to the discussion.

It’s not THE solution but if we begin to shift our point of view – just a little – maybe we can take a fair swing at real change for many people.

This man, and so many others, fought [and fight] because he wanted to go HOME that fateful night.

It’s that simple; and that complex. If we had some National Standard where … IF a subject of police contact has not committed violence in any way – that person can expect to go home that day [after processing and arraignment].

That man would be alive if that was the law of the land. It matters not if he had drugs in his pocket, unpaid parking tickets, was intoxicated, has no drivers’ license, or just smelled bad and had a lousy attitude.

The Subject Goes Home That Day; [unless violence is a part of the reason for arrest].

This simple standard puts Justice back in the courts, and, ultimately back into the hands of the People and takes a great deal of stress of ‘routine’ police interactions and encounters.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


[Chirp, Chirp Chirp]

Waking before the sun in the mornings these days?

Is the world upside down pressing on you?

Are you seeking something, anything, in the world that might lift and brighten your day?

Then, the next time you wake up before 5AM – I invite you to get up, open your window a little (turn off the fan or ac too) and return to bed; then lay quietly in the dark, in the silence, and offer a prayer.

Very quietly in prayer, reflect upon the many blessings you’ve enjoyed through your life …

All the while, keep listening:

A beautiful, great, quiet – yet powerful, subtle – yet unmistakable, sound will come

As you pray, suddenly, something very sweet will break the silence.

What was that? There it is again ... still faint, yet much more distinct the second time … and now by the third time … the sound is unmistakable – there it is again! J

Chirp. J Chirp Chirp …

Open your eyes, smile, thank your Heavenly Father, finish your prayer and say ‘good morning’ to those first early birds that invite the sunrise – every day even through the madness of 2020….

 Keep smiling … and begin your day – the day God has blessed you to have – with a newly recognized gratitude in your heart. Be daily mindful that God so loves you that He created it all – all of it – that you may have this life! Even this day; even the first songs of the mornings.

Those first "Chirps"? Those are just one reminder in this upside down world; I hope you hear them all …

  [Chirp, Chirp Chirp!]

God, Loves You!


I’m Just Sayin’ … .




I’m not an economist [ although I did take economics 101], and I am no reader of the future … but even the kid who never came to class would guess that we are in for a bout of inflation unlike we’ve ever seen.

I remember stickers on soup cans … .21¢ .23¢, .25¢, .30¢, .35¢, .40¢, .50¢ …. one little square sticker on top of another, week after week! It was mind boggling for a couple starting out in life after college. Books report inflation was about 12% but it felt more like 50%!

Last week, Wendy’s tried to charge me $15 for a hamburger and fries [I told them I changed my mind]. This is going to be worse than the 1980’s

AS I said, I am no expert – but if you have anything to ‘invest’ – I recommend you research what does best through inflationary years and buy it; … a lot of it.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Leveraged – Too Big To Fail – Gamble

Leveraged – Too Big To Fail – Gamble

This Mayor, others, and a pile of Governors – have leveraged the well being of Millions of people – on a notion that they are too big to fail… i.e. you MUST bail out our failed laws and policies… or innocent people will suffer.

I don’t know what the answer is – maybe ‘yeah, we’ll bail you out – but those in power – go too’.

I’m Just Sayin’ …

Decisions World Wide Mission – I’m Just Sayin’


World Wide Mission


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Some of us, sometimes, make a ‘Decision‘ in our lives – and sort of conclude to ourselves that: Its ‘done’ ... .

We take that decision, put it in a box, put the box in a drawer … and that’s it… we move on.

However, decisions are often not so simple – not so cut and dried – [at least, for me].

After all, how can we [anyone] know in the important and practical senses, what ramifications follow or will follow from a decision – until we live with a decision in real life for a while?

We can’t.

Personally, I believe it important for thinking men and women to adapt and readjust their path based on the daily wisdom from life we are blessed to accumulate. I say such ability is not ‘wishy-washy’ … I say it demonstrates [in the characters’ of people] Wisdom; Wisdom they are blessed with along the way in their journey.

Often, decisions are small, reversible, milestones in a lifelong journey. Sometimes we need to travel a ways after a junction in the road before knowing if we took the correct path.

Early this year, I ‘decided’ to close down my running postings at “I’m Just Sayin’ … .”

I’d come to a ‘Y’ in the road, and I made a decision.

I traveled a ways and recognized it was not the best path*.

*Note me, and I will send a link to an interesting piece from a general conference talk about how/why the Holy Spirit can, and doe at times, seem to tell us to take the ‘wrong’ path – and yet, for right and good reasons it was the correct path – for a time.

Allow me to add this:

In this life, I have concluded that people do, can, and will judge. It matters not if they say they do or they don’t … and it matters not if they change the words [‘discern’… ‘judgment’s, ‘evaluate’, etc, etc. …] … People Judge [me/you] Every Day.

A long time ago, I was blessed to understand a piece of wisdom; since then, I have evolved my life, more and more each year – to reflect outwardly my understanding and acceptance of the truth in that wisdom:

People are going to judge me – and people are going to judge me no matter what – and, more importantly, our Father in heaven will judge me … so, why not be myself and be judged rightly for who I really am?

I weaved that into my thoughts here in “I’m Just Sayin’ … .” One shortcoming by that fact, and of this site, (and my archives) is that most often – most days – looking for something to say – I was moved daily [as many of us are] by what was presented to me in my daily life-and yours: The Political Fodder of Agendas’ and Hyperboles.


Worse yet, – and, sadly, – (forgive as I digress) a major percentage of what is ‘presented to us in our daily lives’most of us – is [or ought to be wholly discounted as] politically proffered fodder. Good old American [and Russian, and Chinese, and Korean, and etc] Fodder – straight from the fodder farms.

This nonsense drives a major portion of our society … [how sad for all of us]… and one result is that shows up here on this site – AND THAT skews what is genuinely important to me on fundamental levels and in foundational ways – because, like you, I am served up this fodder every day in daily life.

I will still work to call stuff – stuff – as I see it; and too, I will try not to regurgitate the puke of FNN, CNN, etc. I will warn you though – I will do it – because sometimes it needs be said anyway! I need stand and be counted – even in the fields of fodder.

I do regret that these irrational agendas, the daily hyperbole headlines – are what millions – billions – of good people around the world – are [having their attentions] focused on each and every day!

This daily non-sense – HAS THE ATTENTION OF the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.


So, I will speak on it from time to time.

Please do not allow it to take your precious attention from what is important in this mortal life

[Faith in God, Strong Family, Endowed Freedoms, even Eternal Life].

Don’t be fooled by the noise and flash – it has no substance.

I invite you to come back often.

World Wide Mission + I’m Just Sayin’ … .

a way forward

Thanks for stopping by …

Jerry Lombardo

What I have to say … doesn’t matter.

Why No Posts?

In these noisy, chaotic, times – I believe – even I know for sure – we [as individuals] need to hear from God; we need to quiet our minds, quiet our souls, pray … and LISTEN to know what your Heavenly Father has for you to do.

Ask for Wisdom in humble prayer, listen … and you shall receive it.

What I have to say … doesn’t matter.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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Want an email notice when there is a new post to

I’m Just Sayin’… .” and “World Wide Mission” … ?

Send an email to– Simply put ‘yes’ in the subject line. No note needed.

UPDATE June 2020 – I am working to understand which compositions to make public and which to keep private. If you want access to posts not public – just drop me a note to the same email address. I’ll set up a password or something so you have access those I have not left public [many].


THIS IS ABOUT ABORTION (and, so much more)

Federal Judge Critical of Chief Justice John Roberts.

I take exception to all the hyperbole and awfully slanted words the main stream media [all of them] choose for their ‘headlines’. So, I don’t like the headlines’ chosen word – “Blasts” – but never the less – the content is of great interest to me. Because …THIS IS ABOUT ABORTION:

Disorder in the courts: Federal judge blasts Chief Justice John Roberts

And, as the pendulum begins to swing toward understanding that abortions are The Taking of a LIFE [ practicing what I say – could have chosen other words] – and, ‘it’ – i.e.  the Law of The Land-  may finally be righted – these characters (the opposition) are (even more) out of control [C Schumer NY] and now this federal judge seriously charging that the Supreme Court is “actively participating in undermining American democracy”.

Forgive me, and I sure may be wrong … but this and other reasons/examples like it – are why America needed [even a flawed] man like Donald Trump. Whatever his motivations are, or were – he has  saved Religious Freedoms, Right to Worship, Right to Life, Right to Speak … as we welcome God back into our classrooms and the town square! Soon, again, in Universities, and more.

I know God chooses whom He will and can use any flawed person to do His Will. People grow; people [can] change.

As this country again begins to recognize and embrace its Origins, its Greatness – this Opposition is going to go off the rails.

Question everything – in which the driving force might be to turn this long awaited tide; don’t be easily fooled or misled; pray for wisdom and you will receive it.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is a link to the story that prompted my remarks:

A federal judge leveled harsh accusations against Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of the conservative majority, claiming that they are “actively participating in undermining American democracy.”

I’m Just Sayin’ … . / World Wide Mission

This site – currently associated with “I’m Just Sayin’ … .” will take on an older notion of mine – which I had dubbed at the time … World Wide Mission. This piece is my first effort toward this transition. I invite you to return from time to time and see the changes. I aim, after all, for it to be consistent with my own Progression while remaining relevant to the ever growing, ever changing, opposition present in the world.

 World Wide Mission

It is important to note that even as I am an active, worthy, serving, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, this site, these notions, are my own and do not reflect or represent officially – my Church.

                                                                                                                                  jerry lombardo

For over a decade, I have lacked the boldness to proclaim – right up front – certain aspects of The Restored Gospel when trying to teach and share with others what we have. In fact, this notion comes not from me, but from Elder Jeffrey R Holland [and others].

In the past, I would testify to the Truth of it all by way of what stands before us today – The Church, The Priesthood, The Light that Shines from those sources. “By what we have, what we can see, touch, and feel – can I tell you sure … it’s all true”.[jl]

That falls short from my view today; my intent was good, my actions correct – and yet, I see my approach lacked a definitive belief or testimony. One which I am only now beginning to organize in preparation to share The Restored Gospel … differently than I did before.

It makes sense to me today to say clearly – up front – if you do not, or will not, accept or believe that God has Angels, Messengers and Prophets – and the Power to manifest them even today – then you will not accept this added Truth – The Book of Mormon – given us in these Latter Days (by God).

This Dispensation, these times, this Church – this Restoration – squarely sits upon the foundation that Joseph Smith, and others – saw, spoke with, and interacted with Angels and even God!

I can not run from that any longer! Either I believe it … or I don’t.

I believed it but could not bring myself to ask others to believe it; …so, I danced around it – testified of what was tangible – and patiently wait(ed) for others to learn for themselves.

I am not suggesting the approach was wrong …but it was not exactly complete. My toolbox lacked an important tool, my manual was short a chapter or two.

Elder Holland was right – is right – for me; so no longer will I back away from the very foundation that all of this is built upon. God lives; and He  [still ]has the power to send Angels, and even show Himself, and so can our Savior – and They did… or what we have is all a lie. [Not my words, but those of Elder Holland, and others, – paraphrased]

Yes, its bold and surely there is always room to move toward a center of two different ideas. I’ll venture to say that both have merit; both approaches – both ‘tools’ ought be in our tool box.

A Standard Unto My People
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
of the Quorum of the Twelve
Symposium on the Book of Mormon, 9 August 1994, BYU) 



The Work – A Standard Unto My People reads over twenty pages and I will not post the text directly here; nor do I find the same text on CJCLDS Website. Never the less, here is a link to the a site which has posted the text:,%20Jeffrey%20R/HollandJR_AStandardUntoMyPeople.html

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


All Who Visit, Read, and especially those who have shared back you own positions, thoughts, and opinions… … …

Thank you.

I have made a decision in regard to the dynamics which were a part of the foundation of my compositions and opinions expressed here:

They are about to change.

I stand by my compositions – and the positions I chose to take, and express; I believe it is necessary to provide genuine opposition to darker aims and deeds we see more and more in the world today.

The current direction of, and the discourse in, the world today … are both [to me] unacceptable.

I believe we, that is to say, all men and women of faith we who believe in, and work to live by, the Will of our Heavenly Father … (we)must .. MUST – stand, speak, and be counted.

My ability to express myself using the written word – is a Gift, a Talent; and, (I hope) I exercised it accordingly.

In my writings, musings, and heartfelt  positions – I called crazy for crazydangerous for dangerous, wrong for wrong … in clear, and decisive ways. I make no apology for doing so; and yet, I recognize in myself – a need to return to a different approach toward the same outcome [stand, speak, and be counted].

In all my years, in spite of my strong feelings – and frustrating circumstances that dominated my younger life – I acted always to unite, to bring people together, to heal differences, and sought always to offer comfort over confrontation.

My posture through my compositions has been strong [as it needed to be] however, it was also divisive [and didn’t necessarily need to be].

I will repeat a familiar phrase that came to mind as I contemplated my own path forward; it is one I have heard repeated in recent weeks – in a range of ‘disconnected’ circumstances:

            ‘What would Jesus Do?’ [The answer to that question, under all circumstances, is admittedly important to me in my life, however, frankly – it is not a phrase in my everyday lexicon.]

Well, if my memory serves me, and if you will allow a perspective that allows for a bit of jest [in truth]:

He, Jesus, – both – turned over some tables [when it was rightly needed] – and too  – He showed, gave, taught … Love for all. He provided all of us an exceptional example, and ultimately gave His life to do His Fathers Work [to Save all mankind – at least, all whom will].

Christ lived, suffered, and died … to Save us and serve … us; in the Will of The Father – Jesus gave His mortal life, in an unimaginable way, to teach, … to save US.

I cannot save the world, but I can [and do] work to emulate our Savior in my own life today; … and yes, [now] I’ve turned over a few tablesas did our Savior in the temple … .

I hope to remain provocative – however, I wish to provoke people to Love one and other; and, I choose to employ compassion over confrontation. My desire is to teach by good example and not by knee jerk [or even well thought out] arguments which push (even moderate) people into polarized positions.

I will continue writing – and, I hope, always will I stand to be counted; that said, I will choose a different method – I will emulate more, our Saviors love and compassion, rather than disdain and confrontation.

I’m Just Sayin’ …


GLASS – Reusable/Refillable – RX Bottles

GLASS Reusable/RefillableRX Bottles

Most Americans use a variety of plastic medicine bottles – Pharmacies use MILLIONS upon Millions a year … and we, mostly – just throw them away.

I understand many folks [like me] reuse, repurpose – but even so – eventually – they land up in landfill or oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Why not use small, reusable, glass bottles?

Such bottles can be of various sizes, returned, sterilized, and [in the real sense of the word] Re-Filled! If people need further incentive – add a five cent deposit!

This is just a small, and simple notion – but I believe it is the way our society needs to think – moving into the future. I don’t want my Old Rx Bottles winding up in the stomach of a whale, or floating in a pile of plastic trash – in the ocean – the size of NYS.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

God Returns To Defeat Evil – I read the book!

Happy Birthday Jesus
Merry Christmas

From time to time, when all the hyperbole subsides, in my own quiet, private spaceI REMEMBER:

Not only have I read the bookeven the end of the book – and I KNOW How it Endsand so do you:

Our Savior Returns …

… and He says ….. STOP!

… It is Enough


The End is Already Written …

At The End of this Dispensation

Our Savior Returns


GOD DEFEATS Evil… and 1000 years of Teaching begins.


Happy Birthday Jesus!

Also Known As…

I’m Just Sayin’ … .                                             Merry Christmas

You’re not paranoid. Your phone really is listening in

You’re not paranoid. Your phone really is listening in.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and, even so, it is very troubling indeed.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


By Kim Komando | The Kim Komando Show

Is your phone listening in on you?

Is your phone listening in on you? (iStock)

The scene plays out like a thriller: you pull out your phone, and you see an ad for AirPods.

Wait a minute, you think. Didn’t I just have a conversation about AirPods with my friend? Like, a real conversation, spoken aloud? Is my phone… listening to me?

Why, yes, it probably is. When you use your default settings, everything you say may be recorded through your device’s onboard microphone. Our phones routinely collect our voice data, store it in a distant server, and use it for marketing purposes. This fact was kept quiet for some time, but this kind of targeted ad is gradually becoming common knowledge.

As a “prime” example, tap or click here to see what Amazon does with the voice data it harvests and how you can stop Alexa from listening.

Your phone isn’t the only device that’s watching and listening to you. The FBI warns hackers can take over your smart TV if you don’t secure it. Tap or click to learn how to take control of your privacy on your TV before it’s too late.

Before you ask, yes, it’s perfectly legal, and developers claim not to abuse this practice. But that doesn’t mean you have to like it; many people are startled to see ads for things they have only spoken about, not search for on their browsers. Luckily, there are ways to stop your devices from eavesdropping on you.

Whispering (marketing) campaigns

When you think about it, smartphones are equipped with an arsenal of monitoring equipment: multiple microphones and cameras are designed to absorb audio and video. While these tools may be useful for creating media, they are also a goldmine for advertisers.

In mid-2018, a reporter for Vice experimented to see just how closely smartphones listen to our conversations. To test his phone, the journalist spoke pre-selected phrases twice a day for five days in a row. Meanwhile, he monitored his Facebook feed to see if any changes occurred.

Sure enough, the changes seemed to arrive overnight. One of his test phrases involved going “back to university,” and by the next morning, the reporter saw ads for summer courses. He then changed up his test phrase to "cheap shirts," and quickly saw advertisements for low-cost apparel on his Facebook feed.

This report triggered a wave of studies on the surveillance effects of social media platforms.

While not every study provided clear answers, a general sense of agreement on the matter was reached due to hints in the User Agreements of several apps and social media platforms. Tap or click for an easy way to spot what’s hiding in the User Agreement of your favorite platforms.

These user agreements explicitly state recorded audio may be used for targeted advertising purposes. Interestingly, such practices aren’t against the law. This action allows tech companies to push the privacy boundaries even further to encourage us to buy things we don’t need.

What can I do about being spied on?

If you’re not comfortable with targeted ads, there are ways to mitigate your smartphone’s spy power. That said, you may lose access to some handy features like wake words and voice assistants, so you’ll have to decide whether these features are worth sacrificing your privacy.

The biggest vulnerability comes from the "always-on" feature of most voice assistants. To pick up wake words like "Hey Siri," the mic needs to remain on at all times – which means your phone is always listening.

The best place to start taking your privacy back is by turning off the "always-on" microphone features on your handset. Here’s how to do it.

Deactivate “Hey Siri”

Apple has come under fire for transcribing audio recordings of Siri users. The data is locally stored on your device and is uploaded once Siri is activated, so disabling this feature will at least make your Siri inputs shorter and more specific to your requests.

To turn off “Hey Siri,” navigate to your iOS device’s Settings, followed by Siri & Search. Then, toggle Listen for ‘Hey Siri to Off.

Disable “OK Google”

Every time you use "OK Google," or use another voice-controlled function, your query is recorded, and the transcripts are saved to your Google account. Tap or click here to learn how to remove these recordings and other info you don’t want Google to store.

If you use Google Assistant on Android, open the Google Assistant Settings. Say, "OK Google" or hold down the phone’s home button, then tap the file drawer icon found on the upper right-hand corner, and tap the three-dot menu. Select More and choose Settings.

From this point, you’ll want to scroll down to the devices category and select your phone, then in the Google Assistant section near the top, tap the blue slider button to change it gray, which turns off Google Assistant.

Disable mic access for apps

Disabling the always-on microphone features from your phone isn’t enough for some apps like Facebook. The social site makes exceptions to the rule and will keep on listening unless you make the change.

This is just one of the many privacy settings you really should be using if you have a Facebook account. Tap or click for more ways to lock down your profile.

Here’s how you can turn audio recording off for Facebook, but the same steps apply for any app that uses the microphone:


Go to Settings >> Facebook >> Settings in the sub-menu. Slide the Microphone switch to the left, so it turns from green to white. That turns it off. Alternatively, you can go to Settings >> Privacy >> Microphone then look for Facebook to do the same. Note that you can toggle the mic on and off for other apps, too.


Open Settings, then choose Applications and Application Manager. Look for Facebook, and tap App Permissions, then toggle the microphone off.

Keep in mind, turning off Facebook’s microphone access will affect and disable certain features like Live Video. If you’re going to use these features, you will have to toggle the mic back on. Follow the same steps above, but make sure the toggle is set to On, and you’ll be good to go.


Here is link to original story

FBI warns of new cyber threat to US that involves ‘whole variety’ of actors from China

In my view, the Chinese are a threat which is equivalent to ISIS – they just are employing different methods


New cyber and digital national security threats are coming not just from terrorists, but an “uptick” in counterintelligence campaigns from China, the FBI said this week.

I believe Mr. Wray is not the best man as FBI Director; even on this point, I believe he is understating the truth:

It is not [yet] a ‘shooting war’ … however, even so:

We Are At War With China!

In my view, the Chinese are a threat which is equivalent to ISIS – they just are employing different methods. They began ‘moving’ to overtake the USA decades ago [one of our Presidents decided to sell out to China!] and they have done a thorough job.

President Trump is 100% correct – WE – the people of the USA – literally paid for the rebuilding of China … and, now, there is going to be hell to pay.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is the story that led to my comments:


Krispy Kreme Donuts & Enterprising Young Man

Re: Krispy Kreme Donuts & Enterprising Young Man

I made the time to write to corporate about this: //… and this is the (very cool) reply I am happy to share:

Dear Mr. Lombardo,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


Yesterday, we reached out to Jayson to express our appreciation for his love of Krispy Kreme and admiration for his entrepreneurial spirit.  We are going to help him achieve his goals, which include being debt-free when he graduates in 2021, in part by selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Our intent regarding the temporary stoppage of him selling doughnuts was to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance to protect both Jayson and Krispy Kreme. Our main concern is that the doughnuts Jayson sells maintain our high product quality standards, given the distance and manner in which he is transporting and distributing them. So, we are happy to work with Jayson as an independent operator to ensure consistent delivery of our high-quality doughnuts to our fans in Minnesota. We wish Jayson great success and we’re thrilled to help him achieve it by donating 500 dozen doughnuts when he re-starts his business.


Best regards,

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Close to a thousand anti-police protesters descended on Downtown Brooklyn Friday night

Good job Mayor de Blasio [but no large soda for you] … and Kudos Governor Cuomo [Tax the Rich …and then, God forbid they leave….].

Close to a thousand anti-police protesters descended on Downtown Brooklyn Friday night, blocking traffic, vandalizing a city bus and shouting obscene insults at NYPD cops.

I believe this to be a very ‘telling’ story. I will suggest its not so much about law breakers [which needs to be addressed anyway] as it is about ‘blight’ from NYS (and good old American dollars).

New York City … NEEDS the paltry few dollars being lost by poor folks jumping turn-styles in the New York MTA; so, de Blasio wrings his hands and sends NYPD in to stop the turn-style criminals.

THAT is sad; very sad. I do not support breaking the law(s) and avoiding fares … [however, I am aware that, ironically, by de Blasio’s and Cuomos’ political bend – trains and buses ought be free anyway].

Separately, I can’t help an inward, ‘I told you so’ smile as the mismanagement and the years of liberal policies are also why Marijuana will be legal in NYS next year …[the ‘key’ for me – is WHY?]

It is because NYS [especially NYC] can not do without the extra dollars – NY, is THE Most Taxed state in America – and, it is broke – can’t continue make payrolls, deliver services, operate government – unless it sells pot (and collects tax on it). I am not opposed to legalization, but the facts outlined – still remain.

Democratic ideals [and leadership] has NYS on the brink of failure [by our Governors own mouth].

Interestingly enough, the reason pot was not legalized this year was because NYC and NYS [among others] were fighting so bad over who gets the money … it was pushed off till next year.

Good job Mayor de Blasio [but no large soda for you] … and Kudos Governor Cuomo ["Tax the Rich …and then, God forbid they leave"….].

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is the news story that led to my remarks:


We Must Plan for Climate Change and Water Levels Rising because it is happening – but ‘Man’ is Not to blame

We tend to believe our cities, our buildings, our communities – even in these questionable areas and times – are indestructible; in truth, they are neither permanent nor indestructible.

Climate Change

My compositions posted here are likely meaningless if the hope is to have the powers that be – to hear my most reasonable [and true] notion and declaration; instead, maybe one day history will judge myself, and other thoughtful folks, to have been on the right side of thinking [in regard to understanding, looking forward, and planning when considering Climate Change.

Climate Change is real.

[However] Climate Change is not driven by man [although our actions do contribute to polluting our air, water, and soil]. We ought be more concerned with our polluting EVERYTHING with our plastics and petro chemicals. Further, let’s stop raping the earth and find better ways of sustaining the lifestyles so many seem to embrace. THAT is another story though.

This is about our need to PLAN for Climate Change, and Water Levels Rising …  because there is no stopping it; and, it will effect major civilian populations around the world.

It seems many areas of land were developed in ways that were/are [mistakenly] considered ‘permanent’; … however, along shorelines, coastlines, in basins, and low lying areas … these areas, and many others [in my opinion] ought never have been considered permanent.

We tend to believe our cities, our buildings, our communities – even in these questionable areas and times – are indestructible; in truth, they are neither permanent nor indestructible.

Oceans and climate change … in any decade or century or millennia – can (and soon) will claim many areas around the world and logic, even wisdom, suggests – these are the decades, the century – we will see such change in these areas – [making them much more difficult, if not impossible, to remain habitable].

The earth lives, it changes, and it too, has cycles. Cycles of heating and cooling is one of them – be it that the cycles and events develop slowly as the world ‘turns’ [as the natural result of time] or by catastrophic events – like a heavenly body impacting the earth… the earth, it’s climate, its weather patterns, its geological processes … ‘change’ – in the most natural of ways.

In the past, mostly we adapted; today, we have the organization to PLAN for the changes because they are happening and there is no sense in denying the facts.

(And separately), but ‘Man’ is not to (primarily) driving it.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .