BACK IT UP! /Cybersecurity experts warn Baltimore to stop ‘playing’ with ransomware attacks

Sometimes, even the most capable person, or group of persons, struggles to see obvious flaws in their plans or strategies – bright and able people are overcome by costs and bottom lines; good, smart folks are forces to make hard choices – and, one result steers them to save a penny – without understanding the larger risk – which is so, so, much more.

I am an amateur with some good experiences that followed bad experiences. Who among us has not lost some data at one time or another … letters, emails, images …phonebook data …?

I learned, if it’s important informationBACK IT UP!

Millions of businesses, government enterprises, corporations … and even simple guys like me … do it; and do it often. Even small enterprises – whom do ‘business’ with the NYS Government .. like OMH and their accredited enterprises – even small ones – they were backing up – EVERY DAY – at the end of each day … ALL FILES and DATA … and, you know what – that was in 1987! FULL DAILY BACKUPS. [This writer is retired].

So, I can’t imagine what kind of training these government officials have, or are required to have, … but to back up your data is basic Survival 101.

Why aren’t the Cities files simply backed up? It’s a one click task! Today there are seamless back up services – and there is a wide range of options … each enabling the person or entity to fully restore their data. Fully Restore.

Haven’t they heard of heard of ‘Carbonite’? … and many similar options; doubly fast and easy today with Cloud Computing and Storage.

Oh, one more thing – the perpetrators, the lowly, thieving, unscrupulous persons responsible? For sure, they are the bad guys here – no doubt; we need law to catch up and provide genuine consequences for these corrupt enterprises but, gee, …I can’t help asking myself aloud … all those smart people in that local government and its municipalities … and not one thought MAYBE we ought to spend a penny to save ALL THE DATA OF THE CITY ….?

This is the take away here: Systems are going to be hacked – we are all at risk; if anyone – or any entity – gets ‘targeted’ – little will keep a sophisticated hacker out … so the answer is to have the data backed up.

So, back it up!

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is the Baltimore Story that prompted my thoughts:

Cybersecurity experts say Baltimore is playing with fire as a deadline to pay thousands of dollars in ransom to hackers holding several of the city’s servers hostage has come and gone.

Google Revisited – AI is learning; and, its learning so much faster than you!

Google Revisited

appeargone.gifAI is learning; and, its learning so much faster than you!

Friends, (and too, those who view me as ‘enemy’):

If people of the country, and people of the free world, do not begin to take hard and fast actions … all of us … every single one … will find they are HOSTAGE to the holder of data – data on them, their lives, their family, their likes, their dislikes, where they go, how often, how they get there, who goes with them, are they tall, short, skinny, overweight, what age, color … what medicines to they take, how often, how often do they visit their doctor, who is their doctor, what DON’T they like, who don’t they like, how much time to they spend on computers, devices, who do they communicate with, how often, where do they bank, buy their groceries, what kind of groceries, what is their income, how much to they spend … on a,b,c, etc. IF you look into your account you will see I am not exagerating… I listed only a small percent of the data collected.

There was a time, not so long ago, where many understood that companies, computer programs, ‘AI’ was collecting and archiving all this data … but no one believed anyone … or anything … could organize, collate, categorize it all into a useable, searchable, database. Nothing to fear … no one can possible go through that data and make use of it…

[But] now they can. At rocket speed – that fact – what used to be true – has changed…Please, I urge you to simply THINK about it for a minute.


[… I have no pretense – I have no readership, no group that reads my writings] Chances are  –  MAYBE a handful of folks will read this …and, sadly, not even one is likely to change their behavior or invest the time to see if I am correct … most will not even look to see what I saw … [and they can! Our Congress made sure of it …]. Log in to Google … and go to Privacy Settings … [give it 20 minutes just to begin to see the SCOPE of what they have … on you … and on EVERYONE.

Friends, this is not about ‘I have nothing to hide’ as most everyone one of you can say fairly … but this is so much deeper than that … please review the second part of my first paragraph – and add other information and activity that I left out for times’ sake. Another thousand categories can easily be added. Easily.

And, yet, even the lawmakers – even our leaders in Congress and Government do not have the time to oversee, or to even look closely at, these things …until they are in a corner trying to understand some Emergency.

I declare it is an emergency!

And, most will chuckle … ‘there goes another lunatic … running around shouting -the sky is falling!

Well, it is.

Friends, fellow citizens of the world: The Sky Is Falling!

AI is learning so much faster than you!

Frankly, it has already surpassed most of us in its abilities to find, collect, [and finally, it has matured to] USE that data it collectsfor the desires of its Masters [for now, Google].

The Sky Is Falling.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .