Doutzen Kroes, Kyle Richards, other celebrities slam female hunter for ‘disgusting’ kill of large leopard


This Blog is a learning ground … for me; and I do not have a particular format or style that I particularly adhere to …

This story saddens me greatly.

I do know many good men and women who ‘hunt’. Many are careful to quickly declare – ‘I eat the meat’ or ‘the meat saves our family money – we eat it through the winter’  … ‘we all eat meat – don’t you’? Etc. Etc.

Yes, I do eat meat. Not that it means very much – but truly, I eat it very sparingly – and it pains me that another animal gave its very life for me to live …

However, I am not at all certain that we NEED meat in our diets and I don’t believe very much on the subject [by ‘experts’] on either side of the debate. They all can be very misinformed and laboring under faulty premises and ‘facts’.


Here goes: People ought to be punished if they kill living, breathing, animals for sport. It is NOT ‘sport’. Fish? I am not sure. I sense there is a difference … and yet, I cannot genuinely put my finger on it. Fish is another food I would eat sparingly – if it was a food I enjoyed or ate often…

BUT killing this beautiful animal – for ‘thrill’ … for ‘hide or skin’ for any reason other than protecting the life of another … in my mind – is criminal. Maybe not by human law – but surely by my own sense of right and wrong. I won’t pretend to know God’s law here – but I suspect I know His preference.

This gorgeous leopard, a huge bear the other day – – there is no need for these killings!

One day, humans will live very well, eat very well – and not kill … any other living animals … to do so…

To kill for sport – this needs to stop – not ‘one day’ …. but Today. These people ought to be ashamed.

I’m just sayin’ … .

A photo of the hunter with the dead animal has gone viral.

And, to my friends who are hunters – this is different.

I’m just sayin’ … .

God’s Law? Scripture? In The Constitution of The United States of America?

God’s Law? Scripture? In The Constitution of The United States of America?


It really is simple: [I believe] as surely as Moses was led by God to lead Israel from Egypt – so did God lead the men* who founded this country. These men were clear in their beliefs, steadfast in their faith – solid in both their understanding and declaration – This Is a New World -a New Nation (founded) Under [the leadership and protection] God {and frankly, I don’t care who likes that statement and who does not – it is, in my humble opinion and belief, a factual and true notion which too many wrongly deny today.}


So, these amazing people – who each deserve remembrance and recognition in their own right – were individually and collectively led by God and constructed this document – put the incredible foundation for the new world into written language – and, indeed, it became the very foundation of the new land … The New World… and, it all came from God [I say, in very real ways; and say without hesitation that it was those men and women that say so … themselves!**].


I ask you then – are the words in the Constitution not God’s Work? And, is not His Work – very especially – Words – ‘scripture’? God’s ‘law’?

Many can quibble with some specific details – but I’ll not pretend to know God’s mind, nor will I hesitate an instant to recognize – that even though we are talking of wisdom from God – it is men who finally interpreted and wrote it down. Surely, there were men in the mix who were not God led … and even then, surely, there were Politics…


So, is it scripture? Well, ‘technically’ … I’d have to say ‘no’… however, I know God did lead those who founded this country … and I believe His ideals are self evident in much of it.


Sigh… I wonder what God thinks about ‘Politics’ …


I’m just sayin’ … .



* many writers often, especially in past, without intention, left out words that specifically identify and attribute those same great ‘women’ – equally led by God, equally contributing. I, personally, know for sure – these simple things were ‘understood’ in the hearts of all. Even so, I acknowledge that there was a resulting, seeming imbalance in the minds of some that society is being forced to examine. I won’t attempt to address that here, or in the general theme of my posts – although I may pen a composition and post it to address it from my point of view. For now, always know this equality and recognition is ‘understood’ in my writing.


** additionally and further, this notion of God being at the founding and foundation of this country concurrently persists in modern scripture from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Millennials Agree With Cuomo That America ‘Was Never That Great’

Millennial’s Agree With Cuomo That America ‘Was Never That Great’ – is the ‘Headline of the piece below…

First of all, let’s not be so sure ‘millennial’s’ agree with anything on the strength of this headline …

and that is the simple point of this post. I can talk to the brother and sister next door – who fall into the parameter ‘millennial’ and say ‘Millennial’s Agree… [the Mail was late today!] It matters not where, or any other facts …

Anyway~ Beyond that, if such a statement is true for any significant number of these newer generations – it is because the education system in this country is broken. Our children were lied to (in school, on network tv … ) and they continue to be lied to ….

We MUST begin working to insure education teaches real and true history – from all sides and persuasions – so people who use their brain – regardless of political persuasion – can understand just how great America really is …

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here is the article that led to this post:

Trump ends the War on Fossil Fuels and we all come out winners -NOT!

Many whom I have politically supported would have you believe that headline … ‘Trump ends the war on fossil fuel … and we all win’ … but I stop here in my MAGA refrain. This is dangerous for the new generations here, and coming! Climate is changing and surely, some of our pollution is driving it.

We need to stop pumping carbon into the air! We are choking the earth and ourselves. I am so sorry [I believe] were it not for greed in the powers that be – cars and trucks and boats and planes would stop burning petroleum tomorrow – they [pigs] just want to finish raping the earth first – without concern for others or tomorrow. They do it and our government swears (to us) that its ok. No, no collusion here… [darn].

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here’s the story that prompted the post:

For eight long years, President Obama waged a relentless war on the fossil fuels that provide us with the abundant, affordable and efficient energy that makes modern American life possible. | Fox News

Pelosi renews Obama’s ‘war on coal,’ backs group looking to shut down coal plants

I have to admit, in the beginning of this debate – the term …’clean coal’ had me both chuckle and grimace.

Sadly, I think the truth is that we don’t have anything better right now … except Nuclear Plants.

I don’t know which is worse …

Frankly, I say, spend a few trillion dollars and develop Hydrogen Power for the world.

I almost agree with Pelosi on this … but honestly, I don’t know or understand the facts and technologies – so, I will stick to my Hydrogen dream.

Here’s the story that prompted the post:  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is renewing the Obama era’s so-called “war on coal,” backing a radical initiative to shut down more than a third of U.S. coal plants by 2020 — a move that spectacularly backfired for Hillary Clinton in 2016. |

University under fire for creating a safe space for white students called ‘White Awake’

I post this just … because it is so dumb. I understand it [I do!] … but, it, I believe it was only to get some attention [which the subject can surely benefit from [safe spaces in general].

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here’s the story if you want to read it:

The University of Maryland received backlash for providing a “safe space for white students” to discuss race. | Fox News

Dalai Lama says ‘Europe belongs to Europeans’ and refugees should ultimately go back home

I am posting this because the simple statement by such a wise and thoughtful man … rang so true, right, and acceptable …

He said it, not me, so I hope you might take a minute to look for yourself…

The Dalai Lama said this week that “Europe belongs to the Europeans” and that refugees should eventually return to their native countries to rebuild them.


US Coast Guard member ‘removed’ after making ‘offensive’ OK sign on live TV

I am going to freely show my ignorance [and not going to ‘study up’] … regarding this ‘OK’ signal…

However, this kind of scares me – especially as ‘the Coast Guard’ immediately cowered, removed the man, and did not push back.

AS for my ‘ignorance’ … maybe this is a white supremacy sign … but I never, ever, heard such a thing and when I grew up – I knew all the nuanced communication around me [in NYC] – and OK … meant OK. And, in my world, in my lexicon, in my vocabulary … it still does…


I’m just sayin’ … .

Here’s the story from Fox – it happened on MSNBC …The U.S. Coast Guard says it “removed” a member from its Hurricane Florence response team Friday after he made an “OK” hand gesture on live TV that the service branch deemed “offensive.”


Will The AI Machine Really Be You?

To Those Who Chase Immortality through perfecting artificial brains and bodies and transferring into it … and Living Forever …


I have a sad truth to help you recognize.


It can’t happen.


Yes, you can quantify memories into data – you can even learn how to read those memories directly from the brain and save them, transfer them … even into autonomous, synthetic, indestructible bodies … Yes, you can do that…


AND, that thing will look like you … it will sound like you – and given data and problems – it will make ‘decisions’ similar to that which the true you would have made … and, yup, it will live forever …


BUT – it is NOT ‘you’.


You are a living spirit, placed into these mortal bodies by the glory and grace of God … you are a unique part of He that made you – an eternal, living, being [both He, your heavenly father and you] … and, this is what you need to know – if you die walking … your soul returns to where it came from – to God – before the dead sack hits the ground. Keep the memories and data if you want – but it’s just a thing with memories – NOT a living, eternal, being.


That ‘thing’ that may walk and talk like you – NO MATTER WHAT MAGIC OR TECHNOLOGY – is not you. Not by a long shot and I am sorry for you if you believe it is all that simple.


I can tell you another thing. You do live forever, even though you die here on earth in your earthly [flesh, mortal] body. I’ll say it again and add an enticing thought – you WILL live forever without any of that nonsense; and, you will live forever no matter if you are good or bad. ‘Hell’ is not as many in this world would have you believe.


Now, let me quickly explain that there are consequences for THE WAY you live this life AND, the way one lives live here does directly effect THE WAY you will live in eternity. In a ‘sentence simple’ definition – you will most likely wind up living forever with the kind of people you surround yourself with in this life.


I hope you are thinking about that simple, reasonable, rational, statement.


I’m just sayin’ … .

Feinstein releases cryptic statement about Brett Kavanaugh nomination amid intrigue over secret letter

Hmmmm so, because there is now an ongoing investigation, which sorry, we can’t say who said what to who or what the ‘crime’ is… maybe there was no crime … but either way, because we have to look into it … we certainly can not vote this man to a life-long seat …. I hate politics, but boy it seems like the midterm elections are imperative for things like this … [Judge Kavanaugh]

At times their methods are just crazy talking points … there may or may not be a crime, but because someone [can’t say who] says there was one … we have to investigate and because we have to investigate … . [wow].

Here’s the story that prompted the post: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., on Thursday released a cryptic statement concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee seek to delay his confirmation.