Democrats’ IT scandal set to explode with Wasserman Shultz at center [for now]

This makes it pretty clear to me why the Democrats did not allow the FBI to look at their servers and computers!!!!!!!!!

This is a scandal of remarkable proportion – that goes to the heart of how some in the halls of power give little care or concern for the security of our nation – up to and including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

This ought to be front page news on every newspaper and every magazine across the country; this is going to explode in ways that will bring scrutiny to how bad policy implementation became over 8 years under Barack Obama, his Justice Department and CIA. This would be an amazing spy novel …but it’s not … it is for real. It is History in the making. Hyperbole ought be reserved for such matters as what happened here … but nothing I can write will attribute bring the necessary light upon this group of people and events.

Too bad.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here is the quiet article that prompted this post: The curious case of Imran Awan, which sounds like an international spy thriller, is entering its third act

You Tube is out of control!

YouTube Is Out of Control!


I find evidence for this in most every search I do – but it is, after all, a subjective belief … isn’t it? Well, frankly, I don’t believe so, and few know how to ‘undo’ the power and control these giants have usurped. Honestly, I don’t even have a pie in sky idea how to right this dangerous oversight in the manner these companies are hoodwinking the public.  Finally, some are calling out Google for these bias’s … but most forget about YouTube – which is just as slanted in its bias … or more so…


I can’t believe, we the people, gave so much control of what we see and consume – in most every aspect of our social media lives … and it seems we have no remedy.


It happened slowly – and, I guess, in those days [or even today] we didn’t quite understand the power we were giving these very biased corporations; the free, shiny, candy was just too sweet and, after all … it was free!


However, it was not [free]! Too many just didn’t evaluate what was happening along the way, nor did we understand the propensity for the powers that be to use the power of this medium as a weapon to garner the way people think. [Sure, some of us did but what was there to do…who was there to call?]


We love how we can get information instantly – but few of us ever thought about the powers that be …being so biased that it borders on criminal. We never analyzed, as a country, that power this new medium gives a group or company to serve up that information -any way they want! Too few considered how these companies choose ‘what’ to serve up is incredibly important! And, perhaps more importantly, what can be done about the abuse.


I NEVER feared a ‘Google’ or ‘You Tube’ or ‘Face Book’ might try to hijack our collective mentality – it’s just not how some people see, or behave, in ‘the world’… sadly, neither did anyone who have the means to change the direction – see it either.


I used to enjoy listening to a few minutes of Sunday morning news shows … and from time to time I’d try to see some highlights – of all of those shows – on Sunday afternoon …. and what comes up from a search of ‘Sunday morning news shows’ on You Tube … is unbelievable!!!


One would think I typed in Face the Nation!! or CBS … because that is all that covers my screen.


Today’s result actually had me go to to double check and see if there were still other news shows on Sunday mornings! [Of course] there are a variety … but not one came up in my YouTube search … time after time.


Try it…


And, this is not only when it comes to Sunday morning news … this is a bias that is out of whack in every area of information serving … and needs to be reorganized back into some semblance of reality …


But who do we turn to? There is no one to blame except the public at large – [or is there?] Frustratingly, most legal types would argue that ‘you have a choice’ … just don’t use Google or YouTubebut our society has jumped that shark it’s too late


I don’t have an answer or suggestion – I just know ‘this is bad’ … and ‘it will get worse’ as we have allowed them too much power … and they are ensconced in the fabric of American Society today.


Too bad… [for us]…


I urge anyone that cares – write a note to our Nations’ Attorney General; we may not know what to do – but maybe the top law enforcement officers, and protectors of consumers, in our country do … or can find a way … to insure an honest set of checks and balances. I hope so…


I’m just sayin’ … .


Answer to kids shooting up the schools – it’s is so simple it brings tears to my eyes …



This is a topic I have been reflecting on for months and didn’t want to add my opinion to the mix – in part for fear of being misunderstood; and in part because of my not having a foundation on which to base my thoughts and opinions…

I didn’t quite understand it myself in a way I could impart – and, admittedly – even today, this piece leaves much to be desired – it reads like a poorly written draft [and perhaps it is] but it is a start and maybe can spark a real journalist – to take a chance and open up the topic for national discussion.

Let me say with heartfelt belief that I have come to be quite certain that the general and predominate climate in the culture in our school systems [the social culture of our kids] – is killing kids! 

In their mindset, with their (and it seems: our own) severely limited understanding of the result of the dynamic in their beliefs, behaviors, and actions [socially, psychologically] – are all playing an important part in the school shootings in our country…

What dynamic? Ostracizing, Alienating, Isolating (socially) Bullying

This [we all know] is not new; the short sighted, self centered view of some (who often wind up ‘leading’ ) … always hurt some kids. What is different is the response of those being hurt – (get even by shooting up the school) – and, this difference – is a direct result of ‘the times’ these generations were born into – and our [adult generations] lack of recognizing it and working to mitigate it.

Many will remember easily that it was/has been always widely accepted that ‘kids are cruel’ [to each other and those closest to them]. It is a truth, an observation, that [without much conversation] is too easily dismissed [or accepted] as a simple truism – both yesterday and today; but today – the results are so much more deadly.

These schools [many of them] are HUGE institutions [and the small ones too – are a vacuumed microcosms] and not to be misunderstood – these are clearly kids – who just do not fit in … anywhere – in the popular culture – which most of us understand – is devastating to a young man or women.

Again, let me emphasize that this is nothing new – but changes to our larger culture [especially larger schools and social media] has changed the stakes.

Sadly, as has always been the case, still, many kids just turn their sadness and anger inward – causing life-long angst and scars; more sadly, this has always been deemed [consciously or unconsciously] an acceptable cost; tragically, however, more and more of those left out are turning their anger outward – which in today’s world – means getting a gun and striking out at those believed to be the cause.

Look, these kids grew up – killing ‘zombies’ and ‘monsters’ [with ‘guns’] in full color 3D -and stereo /// … and make no mistake – in the eyes and minds of some of our troubled youth – the ‘other’ kids – those who are bullying  them, who are making them social pariahs – are felt to be ‘monsters’ [to those on the hard side of those dynamics I refer to].

Our youth has a thread of superiority [always has] that runs amok in pre teen and teenage years – and the dynamics of all these terrible shootings is as clear as a bell – if only some would take a fair look…

But we don’t want to demonize the majorities [all good kids!] that perpetrate this dynamic which excludes too many [other] good (‘different’) kids …

Please, make no mistake – it is the culture of our teen and pre teen populations that is causing these kinds of tragedies.

These poor kids [not simply the ones in the headlines] are isolated by their peers and subjected to pressures  – far beyond what too many of them can handle … and they explode. It’s is so simple it brings tears to my eyes …

And, we have millions of people up in arms – some wanting to lock down the schools, some want to post more guards, some want take away guns of law abiding citizens … all are missing the point!

This needs to be solved in a social way. We [ALL] need to TEACH and lead our children by example; we need to teach TRUE acceptance [far beyond these idiotic debates over bathrooms, Right or Left, Etc. Etc. …].

Our Country chose to ‘mainstream’ students who [many] are not be measurably capable of withstanding the onslaught of social isolation – brought on because they are a little different … and the snowball effect – is deadly.

I will not try to point to examples – if you lived through grade school, junior high school,  high school – you have your own experiences to draw upon and I am very, very, sure many are beginning to see the problem – but are avoiding it, in part, because acknowledging it means they are partly responsible [for not doing a better job in teaching our children].

Look, the new norm if one is bullied … is to shoot up the school – and, unfortunately the kids involved do not have the adult capacity to seek other remedies [also not knew] but today that is coupled with the culture of the 21 Century that stemmed from technology.

I am not suggesting we ‘coddle’ ‘misfits’ [and these kids deserve a better adjective, I apologize] – but we need to understand that even if they don’t fit in … they are human beings with feelings – and even they have a right to have a genuine sense of belonging .. and the culture is not making a path for that to happen.

Yes, it was in a sense, always like that [it is the reason ‘we all have our own examples’ from personal experience] — what has changed is the larger culture – and it has changed at light speed and immeasurably in a very short time.

We all know too well .. the result … and we must take a look at it – no matter how painful or difficult that might be …

I’m just sayin’ …

Here is the story that finally prompted me to share my thoughts:


Amazon asked to stop selling facial recognition technology to police

Amazon asked to stop selling facial recognition technology to police


Generally, I try not to sound crazy or paranoid … but in this case – I will say up front that there are times when the phrase ‘you’re not paranoid if it’s really happening’ … [then you are smart!] (Not to say I am [smart]).


So, technology has evolved to the point where the action on a [fictional, futuristic] current television series is very, very, very close to ‘real life’.


We have arrived to a point in time [and crossed it] where camera’s – video cameras – can, in real time, track a person crossing a street, entering a grocery store, walking around the corner or around the block – or even driving across the state [!!]


With video camera’s ‘everywhere’ [and more being deployed every day] – anyone with the ‘juice’ [power and authority – or just power] can watch and track [again, in real time] YOU … or me….


This software is the most dangerous upgrade law enforcement can have – and, believe me, I have nothing against law enforcement [when professional and fair] … but this is more than outrageous if in the hands of overzealous oafs – it is dangerous to our freedom.


Sure, the standard and effective response it ‘so what do you have to hide?’ … but any thinking American can add 2 + 2 and understand just how dangerous this power is when in the hands of the wrong people [and, yes, often that is our government].


I think we’ve arrived at the time when it is necessary to begin limiting the ‘convenience’ and magic of new technologies… keep the research focused on safe power, better transportation, feeding the world (!) and not on spying on the people [all the people]. Not only can agents of the powers that be ‘look’ into our bedrooms [through the walls(!!)] but now they can tell who is in the bed – and not by human identification – but from a lightning fast database of all the people in the country.


Maybe that is not frightening in your world – but it scares the hell out of me in my world [and I have nothing to hide  – seeking only my privacy and the desire to keep my dignity …


Hey, I’m just sayin’ … .


Here is a link to the story that prompted this piece:

Trump casts doubt on June summit with Kim??

Because I have virtually no ‘readership’ … I don’t worry much about Kim Jung Un or President Chi reading my stuff and reacting in any way, shape or form…

However, I have little doubt that these powerful leaders, and others, avidly read the headlines of major news organizations and that, at times, they adjust their agendas and responses based on what they read…

In this way, I am certain that some ‘journalists’ are impacting very sensitive negotiations and making it much more difficult for our US leaders to maneuver in their own plans, aims, and goals [for our Country].

Although, at times, using the ‘Press’ – as a tool – to send a message about a position or negotiation – for the most part, I think we do a disservice to our Country to taunt and press our [both] enemies and allies.

Surely, The President of China told Kim ‘stop giving away the store so early in the dialog’ … i.e. ‘remember, this is a negotiation’ and be careful not to give up any leverage you may still have in early back and forth in the press.

It is, I believe, very wise counsel to all and probably ‘figured in’ to the mix as this dialog plays out in the headlines – but frankly, I also believe the ‘headlines’ and talking heads did make it much more complicated for President Trump and other leaders to get their jobs done; much more complicated and much harder ….

Surely this meeting will happen – the back and forth may have pushed the date back a bit – but this is genuinely a win win win win situation where all involved will win at a result of the work [Summit].

I’m just sayin’ … .

Fox News – Hyperbole – ‘Battle Words’ in Headlines



I wrote you once before asking you to consider taking down a story – even though it was, indeed, an eye catcher, … ‘sensational’, and good for clicks. You did [thank you, very much] and I went away quietly.


I have no standing here, and I understand that fact; yet never the less, I am impressed to ask you why the battle language in your story headlines? So in so ‘hits back’, so in so ‘blasts‘ so in so, so in so ‘fires back’… on and on and on … .


Let me add, please, that I understand a way of life is being ‘attacked’ and that your work [collectively – all at Fox News] is so important – even imperative; and, I know that it [what you report on] is, in essence, a genuine ‘war’ on many levels.

I get it.


However, do the headlines really need to be such references to physical violence [when they are, indeed, not]? So many of them? [Might this even serve to antagonize the opposition into escalation on some level (?)] [How might Leader of China feel after Fox News reports President Trump ‘slammed’ him? I am not sure this propensity in headlines is conducive to the good work we all have ahead.


I want to add that CNN and their ‘Headlines’ are very, very deceptive and one sided in a similar motive [battle/war…] but their lies are evident as soon as one reads the story – it is ‘bad’ but different; your headlines [in my opinion] have this battle like slant [for lack of a better term].


I like the [FOXNEWS] point of view – but not the choices in hyperbole…in the headlines – every day; it’s too much. [I’m just sayin’ … .]


Below are some examples I pulled out just today alone…

Thank you, for all you do; I appreciate it,


5/4/2018 9:56 PM

‘Russian collusion delusion’: Roger Stone blasts Mueller’s ‘fairy tale’ probe as attempt to hurt Trump

Rove Blasts ‘bigot, moron’ Blankenship: If he wins West Virginia primary, ‘kiss winning goodbye’

China fires back at US over accusations of shining lasers at military pilots in Eastern Africa

Ben Carson hits back at ‘hysterical’ critics, says rent reform gives ‘poor people a way out of poverty’


China’s first homegrown aircraft carrier heads out for sea trial

An older friend asked me a pile of questions recently that seemed to underline a large gap in understanding between [politically] Left and Right thinking folks.

When I was finished he looked at me with astonishment and said I have never heard anyone explain any of that … as you just did. Why is that? What you say seems more than reasonable…

I smiled and pointed out that he probably got his news from some slanted sources …

He asked me one more question – Do you think China is stronger than us [US]?

I paused. I know that balance is changing even as I type. I responded that I believe, today, … that the US is stronger Militarily; however, economically I am not as sure.

I continued…  Someone, in our government [many ‘some-bodies’] sold out our country to China beginning about twenty years ago and the America People just do not know!

China [and others] steal our patents and put them up on EBay – selling items that a [for example] US business person or company or inventor – spends millions to bring to market – and a day after it’s for sale for $100 – China puts a copy – not a copy – a Counterfeit – for sale for $10.

If this was ‘competition’ it would be different – but it’s not competition, it is that they steal the plans, manufacture the copies – … and every time the rightful owners of the copyright – the inventor – the hard working entrepreneur – loses years of work and investment. It happens every day.

And, we let them – or we used to. Finally, our [new] President is acting.

Will the result mean we lose – i.e. prices go up and worse? Maybe for some time – but to do nothing will quickly lead to our demise. Inventers will give up – stop fighting, stop innovating …

And, back to the point I began with … whose Military is Stronger …


"Russia" is not the problem anymore … but China is a fast growing, severe, threat.

First they infiltrated us financially – grabbed as much as they could … very successfully – [they own way too much of our country] …always with a quiet smile … and now they are lifting weights to bully us out of the rest ….

As evidenced here:

Not my clearest essay – but

I’m just sayin’ …

Mountains don’t just ‘collapse’ after nuclear explosions! He ‘hurt’ the earth with his idiocy – endangering us all

Rocket Man and the Imploded Mountain – danger to the world.


No one has said a word about it – which sort of confirms my thoughts – at least in theory…


North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un probably exposed a moderate – or not so moderate portion of his country to deadly radiation – which – any infant can understand – endangers the entire world … especially Japan, China, S Korea …


He is not scared of Trump – he went too far – he knows it; he had to stop his program ANYWAY – so he is going to get all he can in the process. Surely, too, President Chi knows and told him he went too far.


Mountains don’t just ‘collapse’ after nuclear explosions! He ‘hurt’ the earth with his idiocy … and we will all pay for it.

Hey, I’m just sayin’ … .

Study: Nearly 40 Percent of Top Liberal Arts Colleges Have No GOP Professors

This is so much more dangerous than most of the noisy headlines and a statistic, a reality, that must be addressed in a real way – but fair and open minded people [even from both sides – but that is more a wish than an expectation. I’ve written about this disparity and won’t repeat myself… it’s a grave misbalance in the education system.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Study: Nearly 40 Percent of Top Liberal Arts Colleges Have No GOP Professors

A new study found that 39 percent of "top-tier liberal arts colleges" in the United States don’t have any Republicans on their faculties.

The study by the National Association of Scholars also found that the Democratic-to-Republican ratio was 10.4:1 among 8,688 Ph.D.-holding professors.

The ratio is 12.7:1 when two military colleges, West Point and Annapolis, are removed from the sample. 

Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty

— NAS Scholars (@NASorg) April 24, 2018

The report states that the 51 institutions accounted for in the study are among the top 66-ranked colleges in "U.S. News and World Report."

"Political homogeneity is problematic because it biases research and teaching and reduces academic credibility," the report said.

The report also noted that STEM subjects — like chemistry, economics, mathematics and physics — have lower Democrat-Republic ratios than social sciences and humanities.

"I could not find a single Republican with an exclusive appointment to fields like gender studies, Africana studies, and peace studies," it stated.