Between a Woman and her Doctor? Re: Aborting a Down Syndrome (ANY) Baby. WHAT ABOUT THE FATHER’s RIGHT?

Here is ‘the key’ to this from here forward:
When a women chooses to use her body – in or out of wedlock – in a manner that conceives a child – a life – that act – that choice – without exception brings into the play – the equally absolute right of a father in the decision to terminate or carry to term – any pregnancy.

Between a Woman and her Doctor? Re: Aborting a Down Syndrome (ANY) Baby.

                WHAT ABOUT THE FATHER’s RIGHT? A personal reflection

I came of age – in the years of The Feminine Mystique, Rochester NY Topless Women’s Protest, and Most Prominently – The Women’s Right To Choose. Women’s Rights: I get it.

Even so, I regret I was taken by the concept – a woman can do what she chooses with her body. Period.

I got that notion; it made sense for many logical and humane reasons and I get it even today – until it’s put in all important context.

If one wants to put that notion forward .. then there is a mighty big HOWEVER that MUST also be considered [and understood implicitly] as surely as every other premise mentioned so far:

The Father of any child too – has rights that pre-empt all others as well [as in this is ‘my’ baby too].

The Fathers Right clearly includes: not to have his child obliterated [murdered].

Here is ‘the key’ to this from this time forward:

Yes, a woman has the right to choose what to do, or not to do, with her body…but there is an all important caveat or implied contract:

When a women chooses to use her body – in or out of wedlock – in a manner that conceives a child – a life – that act – that choice – in and of itself, without exception, brings into the play – the equally absolute right of a father in the decision to terminate or carry to term – any pregnancy.

It’s a no brainer. It ought to be the law of the land.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


Outrage as California prof calls Barbara Bush ‘amazing racist’ and says she’s happy ‘witch is dead’ | Fox News

And, here is one perfect example of some of the remarks of my own in my last post. This makes me [surely more than!] mildly nauseous. I’d fire her – regardless of tenure. She is an evil minded person seeking attention.

Shame on her, and those who support her, pay her salary and no one ought be subject to her teaching. If my son or daughter attended that college – I’d demand change and or have my child transfer to a real university. Shame on it, and her.

Hey, I’m just sayin’ … .

A university professor in California has sparked a social media uproar after calling former first lady Barbara Bush an “amazing racist” who raised a “war criminal,” and saying she’s “happy the witch is dead.” | Fox News

American history textbook (and many others) ‘blatantly biased’

In my opinion, this story points to an imperative that [more than] half of this Country must examine; and then demand be changed. I suggest there must be both: debate, and objective review for corrections …In our children’s school books, in the education system, and in (government) documents recorded as [‘official’]  History.

Our children are being hijacked by agenda’s and powers that be – far beyond how it was a generation or two ago. I write about NOT ‘the people’ – but the agenda and its primary proponentsare evil in nature; all materials to be used in education as well as those placed in official volumes of community and government archives -need to be checked, rechecked [and corrected if need be] objectively in these unprecedented times…before they go into classrooms and libraries.

Many good people dropped the ball decades ago as they made choices to protect and shelter their children from the systems they knew to be corrupt – rather than fight to change them.

Further, they [good people of all kinds] – did the same with the Media [Radio, TV, Movies].

Many [good people of all kinds] who were of some power and influence did not work to have a part in the production and delivery of the materials that drove the ‘public’ [in the Media or Classroom?] NO.

Instead they worked even harder to keep it out of their homes and their children’s’ heads. So many good and caring parents chose ‘home schooling across the nation’. I do not mean to suggest that this was bad – to so many it seemed the only way to keep their children from being manipulated by a system with an agenda. It was courageous to take back the responsibility to teach their children.

However, in the long run – it was a stunning failure! Individual parents won some battles – but lost the war.

We – the full community or society – ought have a natural balance in the public media consortiums – and we do not because many allowed their visceral distaste for the status quo – to rule the day.

People didn’t want to ‘dirty their hands’; didn’t want to be associated with that tripe coming from ‘the world’ (TV, Radio, Hollywood) … and in short, we all underestimated its [Media and Dark Agendas] impact on the world, and our children. An awful mistake.

I pray, that those who can – will – work to change the agenda’s that drive the messages in the overwhelming onslaught of those evil powers that be. We lost a generation .. or two … let’s not lose any more.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here is the story that prompted my comments … and, really it’s not about President Trump – he simply represents a clear indication, in today’s headlines, that the practice is prevalent. I wrote about this in articles before The President was even ‘Candidate’ Trump :

A new Advanced Placement honors American history textbook has not been distributed to students yet but it’s already stirring controversy for being anti-Trump and suggesting his supporters are angry xenophobes.

YouTube Liberal Tilt Proof – ‘Left’ slanted results

YouTube ‘Left’ Slanted Search Result

I did a search on youtube seeking the latest comments about Sean Hannity Monday night [April 16, 2018] and after a one minute clip of Hannity about the breaking news – this is what came next – which shows a fair ‘head to head’ interview between ‘liberal and conservative’ views – BUT LOOK AT WHAT THE CHANNEL LOADED FOR THE AUTO PLAY! Remember – the search was ‘Sean Hannity’ and when I saw the line up – I searched again thinking I made an error and input ‘Sean Hannity Show’ … same lineup came up…

It is ludicris!

I’m just sayin’ … .


Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

I regret to write, sometimes, what I believe I see in-between the lines when it comes to politics. Reading between the lines – with or without insider information – is a card trick at best some days; that said, I’d bet a dollar to a dime that Mr. Sessions was given *information before he was confirmed that intimated ‘this guy’ (President Donald Trump) is going down – do not get in the way, lest you will go down too… and he believed it.

It is what makes sense.

* [6 in one hand, half dozen in the other – on the veracity of the information – even yet today w hindsight].

I’m just sayin’ … .

2 men sentenced to probation for gang-rape of 13-year-old girl! HELP! [Editor’s plea]

Help me please! Just who do we see about this? This is just hard to believe – I am unable to ‘investigate’ – I can write, call, email – but I am no one and would not even get a reply …but I pray, even as I type, that there is someone that is going to see someone … about this. This is just impossible to believe….

A family in Colorado is outraged after two men, who were accused of gang-raping a 13-year-old girl with their brothers and cousins, were only sentenced to probation. | Fox News

Teen girl humiliated after school official made her cover ‘protruding’ nipples

Teen girl humiliated after school official made her cover ‘protruding’ nipples

She was told it was distracting other students.

At first, I thought that this was a sort of ‘no brainer’ – in that, of course, such a circumstance might need the intervention of someone in [school] authority. I quickly reversed the gender and asked myself – what if it were a male – and his penis was erect – showing/protruding through his pants? Embarassing? Yes! However, it would absolutely need to be ‘addressed’ and a fair, reasonable, remedy would need to be offered and [if need be] imposed.

Unfortunately, the ‘reasonable’ remedy in this case – is not [reasonable] and surely not fairly considerate of the young woman. Band-Aides? What was the person thinking?

In this case, perhaps [and this would too – cause debate and opposition] contacting parents or guardians – and explain the circumstance. Allow the parents to find an alternative [a bra?] [a vest?] [personal awareness and discretion?] [additional reasonable ideas?]; but ‘band aids’] were an awful suggested remedy and my sensibilities too, would have been pushed past normal limits.

This [foolish thinking] ‘authority’ only made things worse.

I should note, that whatever remedy was offered – it would likely have been met with similar objections from the teen – but that’s why ‘we’ have parents.

Hey, I’m just sayin’ … .

Justice Department announces ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on illegal border crossings | Fox News

I agree with, and support, better enforcement on our Mexican border; that said, I found myself asking ‘so, if not catch and release – which does not seem wise – then WHAT? Do we prosecute and jail them? In the US? Feed, clothe, treat medically …and THEN release? Can’t lock em up for long … or forever – and what are they going to do upon release?


Why not make [this is going to raise some eyebrows but] Mexico more like the United States? It seems the only real answer … and not by war and conquer – but by desire, investment, and diplomacy.

It’s just a thought …

            … and I’m just sayin’ … .

Here’s the story from news agency:

The Justice Department announced Friday that it is implementing a “zero-tolerance” policy for those attempting to enter the U.S. illegally — the latest in a series of measures by the Trump administration to combat illegal immigration. | Fox News