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That Man .. That Woman .. That Human Being … Is Not Stupid, …Is Not Ingnorant, … Is Not Your Enemy

appeargone.gifThat Man  ..  That Woman ..  That Human Being …appeargone.gif


… Is Not Stupid, … Is Not Ignorant, … Is Not Your Enemy …


… That Person is just Broken


appeargone.gif… and the world if full of us … appeargone.gif


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May You Feel Blessed This Thanksgiving, and if you can,

Bless those around you!

I Think Our President Has His Hand in The Proverbial Cookie Jar over in Saudi Arabia

I think it very plausible and possible, that our President, and others in that mix, have their eyes on, or their hands already in – the proverbial cookie jar … in this case, in Saudi Arabia.

I think our President – whose work I am grateful for – separate his character flaws – (I have enough of my own, thank you) … [I think our President] has his hand in the proverbial cookie jar over in the Arabian part of the world.

I am simply stating a belief, based on observations, and I am not suggesting that he, and others, are breaking laws, etc. etc.; this written piece is not nonsense about ‘impeach 42’ and all ‘that’

And, yet, I do think the President, and others, have massive financial ‘opportunities’ simmering over there [driving that area of US Policies]; and, somehow that leaves a bad taste in my mouth [and, to explain why that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, is a very complicated task, for me, to unpack because it entails an attempt to address some very personal thoughts about ‘Capitalism’.

More to come, but it sure does seem that our President has his hand in the cookie jar.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

NJ University Refuses to Bring Chick-Fil-A to Campus Over Chain’s ‘Corporate Values’

This is just one example of how ‘institutions’ [governments, schools, universities …] have become overrun [ensconced] by people with liberal agenda’s and by liberal (in this piece) – I mean anti religion …i.e. people – this university’s powers that be – [New Jersey’s Rider University] –  who reject other peoples’ positions which are a fruit of their religion… of their faith in God… be that religion Christian, Muslim, or Jewish… or some combination thereof… they seem to reject religious beliefs as irrelevant, and/or moot. Not so say many millions of faith based people – more and more as time passes. I am one.

The ‘values’ of the powers that be behind Chick-Fil-A [those I am aware of] are simply ‘Christian Values’ – and what right does any ‘university’ have to poo poo them ... None.

I enjoyed the comments from students the reporter offered in the short video clip:

Why ask the students for input if you already have an agenda and a plan that negates their suggestion(s)? [paraphrased]

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is a link to the short piece that prompted this post

Hollywood is Now Selling Homosexuality – with even more determination than… Part II

Hollywood is Now Selling Homosexuality – with even more determination than with

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Premarital Sex (in the 20th Century).

Scroll Down a few days for Part I

Part II    Star Trek, and the Next, Next Generation

Star Trek, and The Next, Next Generation

One of my favorite shows of all time is Star Trek! I am not bashful to declare it 🙂  It never failed to entertain me – from the first original series through the classic movies, the spinoffs, the evolutions of crew and ‘Enterprise’ …the new worlds … I enjoyed it all! Still do.

And, recently, after many years of enjoying satisfying, multiple successors and acclaimed spinoff’s –  came not one but two new promising shows  – Star Trek Discovery and The Orville (a star trek type series).

Both seemed sure to be fantastic new series successes; fans were in their glory; I was one of them – the work was exceptional.

I watched each of these new shows [Star Trek Discovery and The Orville] begin their first seasons – with delight and anticipation; … and, I have to admit – with some criticism, here and there, and allowing for the newness of actors and storylines – I liked them both.

So here it was … – a new Star Trek. How cool was/is that! And, it seemed they could pull it off (at least, I thought so, as a fan; I thought each had the capacity to be outstanding).

And then the shoe dropped – I became aware of the numerous, and growing, number sexual threads – very prominent homosexual threads – everywhere in both storylines and episodes – in both series’.

Understand please, this writer, I, am not ‘homophobic’ [I declare clearly my love for the human individuals caught up in this agenda of very hateful influences]; and quickly these sexual threads in the TV shows turned hardcore [from nuance … to ugly] – superfluous homosexual sexual situations and relationships that just did not belong in the narrative, in my opinion.

And it came to me … a quiet, non physical, understanding – clear as a bell – as if someone whispered in my ear … They Were SELLING it!

Allow me to digress here for just a moment to point to the power and influence of the powers that be – which I speak of here … I offer a simple example; a true circumstance most can relate to one way or another:

Cigarettes/Whisky – Vile stuff both of them – most would agree – particularly upon first use (and I used both early in life) and, believe me – I invite you to think for yourself – these things are fully against human nature – that is, to use them.

Imagine … to light materials on fire and inhale the smoke! Such a thing is foreign to us. Humans learn to smoke (and drink alcohol) – even against their physical instincts.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue can sell ANYTHING! No different for whisky …  no one really ‘likes’ whisky … … but, we – as vulnerable humans that we are, we can be influenced to do … the most unnatural things!

Few, even yet, understand the amazing power that media yields (I have written on the subject) – and now [more and more each day] ‘targeted media’ paired with today’s ‘connected technologies phenomena‘ – Smart Phones, GPS Tracking, Wireless Internet, ‘Social Media’ – they are changing the way people see the world. It is a deep understatement to say that today’s media is 20th Century Radio and TV … times a thousand+!

Believe me or not – these tools combined truly are ‘programming’ the way our youth (and many adults) see the world; it is poisoning the thinking of uncounted, innocent, souls – changing the outcomes of LIVES of entire generations.

Yes, today it is LBGT and Hollywood selling homosexuality the very same way as they [‘Hollywood & Madison Avenue’] did Tobacco, Alcohol, and Pre-Marital Sex*.  They have had it seem like it is the new popular norm and those powers that be are working to establish these lies in the minds of these new generations.

*and Drugs.

Everyone is doing it” is what is projected to their sensitive and influential minds… [so they make it appear that ‘everyone is doing it’] and folks think … so it must be ok. Heck, it must be fun … look at it … it is EVERYWHERE… EVERYONE is doing it.

I tell you … homosexuality … influential powers that be – are selling it!

And I declare: we must declare … ‘no’, … ‘No, it is not everywhere, … and it is not normal. It only seems so because Hollywood is selling it.

I will close this awfully long diatribe … they, who are driving that Agenda, ruined Star Trek Discovery and The Orville, at least for me.

And, it’s too bad.

Too bad for America – too bad the Next Generation; and, the Next, Next, Generation.

I’m just sayin’ … .

This was to be Part II, of III; but I decided to work the final part into a piece that will stand on its own with this as a reference. It has to do with the strengths, rewards … i.e. blessings – that stem from the natural family unit – which has almost been obliterated by the power of those how have controlled the ‘media’ – over generations. The media as a tool has been used very astutely by these dark powers that be – who have paired their efforts with other coordinated, political movements and attacks on the character of this country – across generations.

Thanks for stopping by,


Killer’s can be lovable looking – and yet they are still killers

This just happened: An infant in Dunnellon, Fla., died earlier this week after she was attacked by the family pit bull, police said.

Please offer a look at this … and keep those you love safe.

pitbull type dog posing w law officer.jpgPit-Bull.jpg

This may seem ‘ok’, but it’s not. This officer made it look as if the dog was harmless … that the breed was harmless; and that the complainer was foolish. None of those things ring true to life and fact. The photo on the left – the published story is here

Would you allow your toddler to jet across a living room or any space?With this dog – a Pit Bull? Or one like it? I pray not!

Killer’s can be lovable looking – and yet they are still killers.

My prejudice is not about the individual dog – but about the breed; and, the fact that these dogs are used as weapons – across the country and around the world. They enjoy killing little living things and, can easily kill an adult. I have seen it with my own eyes.

And, please, It is not ‘how it is raised’. Yes, how it is raised can determine some aspects of its general personality … but don’t leave it in a room with a baby! And, very quickly: Yes! There are always exceptions to the rule.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here is a link to the story that prompted my posting earlier this year “A Texas police department took to Facebook on Sunday, when it described an officer’s encounter with a male dog”

Stacey Abrams – Georgia Governor Candidate

This is a disappointment. I think Stacey Abrams, the Democrat in Georgia’s governor race, would have been an excellent governor elect. She acknowledged Friday that she cannot defeat her Republican opponent, Brian Kemp – whom I think will also be a good governor. Quite simply, I was touched in my heart by Ms Abrams and I felt it would have been a good fit. Here are her remarks – which I see in the light of the fact that she has just been through an unimaginable stressful time and is feeling a real sense of loss.

I hope she runs again and that the tone and temperament of these races has not hurt her so much that she won’t try again.

Politics have become ugly [not that they probably were ever ‘nice’ …]; the win at any cost has gone too far for the sensibilities so many pretend to have today – at least in my opinion. I’ll never forget the name Justice Brent Kavanaugh; we don’t need that kind of despicable behavior.

It’s too bad the two sides have gotten to the point where they just take turns hitting each other with sticks -as they take turns governing in opposite extremes …

It would be refreshing to find a genuine, sincere, giving and caring MIDDLE…

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is the story that prompted my thoughts:

Hollywood is now Selling Homosexuality with even more determination than with Alcohol, Tobacco, & Pre-marital Sex Part I

Hollywood is now Selling Homosexuality – with even more determination than with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Premarital Sex (in the 20th Century) Part I

I declare that this written composition is not about individuals, any single person, or set of people.

People, … all people, deserve to be treated with dignity, human respect, kindness, and not to have others sitting in judgment of them because of who they are or want to be in their hearts and lives.

My discontents – which are clear in many posts – are with the misguided agendas of some people, some groups … small cabal’s of power which do not care for, respect, or love people – any people. Their entire aim – their entire world – everything they do – is to further their agenda. (Editor, I’m Just Sayin’ … .)

Re: The Politique of ‘Gay Rights’ (LGBT) Agendas / Homosexuality is being advertised, sold, in very, very, powerful ways to all of us.



In my attempt to address and clarify some points in this compositional post, I felt it important, by way of this introduction, to offer a look back with hindsight and review changes ushered in with the passage of some historic [good] Anti-Discrimination laws in our country.


In this piece, it is my position to suggest these powerful laws and regulations came to be ‘hijacked’ or misused or misappropriated [or even designed with influence of] by people with very powerful activist agendas in the late 20th century. Well funded, very powerful, coordinated movements of persons with preconceived notions- whose aim was, and is, to sell to – even push upon – the entire country (and, later, the world)their own ideas, desires, and ideals – regardless of our own ideas, desires, and ideals.


Those new laws (new at that time) in our recent history regarding ‘discrimination’

~ which were enforced with a huge governmental hammer ~

over time, instituted huge, sweeping, changes in America.

In the time span of a decade or two, everywhere and anywhere in local, state, and federal governments, and in all public and private organizations and institutions,[all of] these entities were ‘stormed’ by gay and lesbian men and women – applications in one hand and the discrimination laws with the governments enforcement hammers in the other.

In unimaginable numbers, and with unimaginable success, gay men and women applied for positions of authority … positions of influential power – sometimes directly influential, sometimes by associations … so that, in a short time – in most every seat of power – every neighborhood, every village, every town, city, county, state … every school, college, and university across the country – people of a particular bend – with an unyielding agenda were in place – nationwide … directly, deliberately, and boldly influencing policy which effected, even affected, most every person in the country.

And, they did a darn good job.

I’m just sayin’ … .

This post [“Hollywood is now Selling Homosexuality – with even more determination than with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Premarital Sex (in the 20th Century) ] is not written to ‘stand alone’ – it is only Part 1 of a series of 2

Judge orders White House to return press pass to Jim Acosta (CNN)

This is not about Left and Right – Democrat and Republican … The President of The United States of America … (through his Press Secretary) is thinking reasonably when he declares there must be decorum in the White House. The behavior of the reporter was deplorable; especially when framed in the fact that he was addressing The President. It is not appropriate to behave as he did; like it or not, Donald Trump is the POTUS – and that [in my own opinion] demands a certain amount of respect (even if it is only because of the office title. Note that the judge was critical of the fact that there was no ‘due process’ … and the White House is going to remedy that by providing clear process … and then, if a newsperson behaves as Mr. Acosta did – due process will begin … and the pass will be pulled.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here’s a link to the story that prompted this piece…

Incidentally, it was a Trump-appointed judge – U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly who ruled in favor of CNN’s Jim Acosta on Friday, allowing Mr. Acosta to temporarily regain access to his White house press credential; there will be additional rulings as the case progresses through the court system.

‘Things You Just Gotta See’ …

‘Things You Just Gotta See’

Although not my normal fare for posting … I couldn’t resist this one. I mean ‘think’ about this … she is ‘famous’, ‘wealthy’ … beyond even her own dreams, and the dreams of many who idolize her … and yet, here she [purportedly] goes … traveling in a SUITCASE.

                One has to laugh … I’m Just Sayin’ … . [and, thanks for stopping by … jl].

Taylor Swift being transported in a huge suitcase from her Tribeca apartment into her truck, in the trunk. A fleet of cars including two large cadillacs and three suv's arrive at Tailor Swift's apartment in Tribecca to move a large suitcase from apartment to truck. Almost a dozen of Taylor Swift security guards were present to move this package carefully as Taylor Swift remains to be unseen for a long time. Pictured: Taylor Swift Ref: SPL1539678 170717 NON-EXCLUSIVE Picture by: Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 0207 644 7656 Milan: 02 4399 8577 <a World Rights”>

Taylor Swift being transported in a huge suitcase from her Tribeca apartment into her truck, in the trunk. A fleet of cars including two large cadillacs and three suv’s arrive at Tailor Swift’s apartment in Tribecca to move a large suitcase from apartment to truck. Almost a dozen of Taylor Swift security guards were present to move this package carefully as Taylor Swift remains to be unseen for a long time. Pictured: Taylor Swift Ref: SPL1539678 170717 NON-EXCLUSIVE Picture by: Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 0207 644 7656 Milan: 02 4399 8577 World Rights

Shame on those who keep technology from us to enrich themselves – Hydrogen Silverado [and many others] are ready…


<![if !vml]>silverado-3.jpg<![endif]>I wish I could say ‘I don’t understand’ … but, regrettably, I do understand. This technology, this ability, this truck … is ready TODAY for you and me and anyone else … but the powers that be – in reprehensible greed – has made deals that will keep our cars and trucks burning petroleum [GAS! from OIL!]

THIS Truck Instead of a battery pack, the Silverado is equipped with three tanks of hydrogen for a Hydrotec-branded fuel cell that generates electricity and provides stealthy, but powerful performance over a 400-mile range. Along with its quiet operation, the powertrain has a lower heat signature than an internal combustion engine [that] would create and produces drinkable water as its only emission.

That fact, is as frustrating as it is fantastic. Shame on those who keep technology from us to enrich themselves with currency and power.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here’s the link to the piece that prompted this post:


Local Elections in these United States – November 2018

Local Elections in these United States – November 2018


It’s hard to believe I wasn’t even aware of the differences from right to left – left to right – only  a decade ago. I just wasn’t interested – and didn’t feel my vote really mattered.


Today, I define myself as a true conservative democrat – of the democratic party of the 1950’s and 60’s … I am a Kennedy, King, and Kennedy Democrat – and in the 21st Century – generally that means I vote Republican.


Here is why I am writing this today: I [and, I have learned, many other people around the country] – have genuine desires and reasons to vote for local legislators – house and senate – who happen to be Democrats.


In my case, the democrat is the better person to represent this little local constituency – he’s just the better person for the job… however, what the democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh – I will never, ever, forget; and, I can not – in any stretch of conscience – allow that party to have the power to do that, and more, again. No.


Not even if it means my cable bill will keep going up – or we won’t get the local hospital built – or the local bridge fixed … it doesn’t matter; and, truly, my heart goes out to the man who has earned the spot (in my eyes).


No. I won’t stand for it even if I have to re-elect someone I don’t support; and yes, it will hurt upstate NY – but, what the democratic senators did can not go unanswered at the ballets – nor will I give the House an opportunity to follow suit with a vote on that side of the aisle of any kind.


I can’t; I won’t.


I’m just sayin’ … .  [and so are millions of others]

‘E’ Cigarettes, Vape Devices – Are As Bad As Tobacco Cigarettes and Cigars.

‘E’ Cigarettes, Vape Devices – Are As Bad As Tobacco Cigarettes and Cigars.


I am surprised to learn some of the facts regarding this ‘new’ form of ‘smoking’. It bellied its way to the marketplace door as a tool, a ‘healthy’ alternative, to assist adults in quitting smoking regular cigarettes.


Boy, lobbyist’s earned their millions that year when the powers that be let them into the marketplace of America [people/politicians, law makers – MUST have been paid (bribed!) (bought!)].




I almost fell out of my chair when I learned 1 (one) single ‘pull’ or inhale or puff … from "JUUL" [a popular e cigarette device w teens] … 1 puff = the same amount in a PACK of tobacco cigarettes!



If you are young, and reading this – please, please, know that kids in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s thought cigarettes were ok too… they’re not … smoking is one of the most unnatural acts I can think of … think about it… sucking SMOKE IN to your lungs… . Just don’t do it.


Understand, for sure, that withdrawal from these levels of nicotine are going to be incredibly severe and harder even than cigarettes to give up … and they – be it smoking or vaping – will make your old age miserable!


Believe me, if you are going to get older, and then ‘be old’ (and I hope you make it) … you don’t want to be in bad health… and that is the promised outcome. For sure.


Don’t smoke cigarettes … don’t vape JUUL or any kind of e cigarette … they are NOT safe – and will ruin the quality of life of millions and millions of good men and women in their later years … don’t be one of them.


I’m just sayin’ … .

Why Not Change The World? (or, at least, the south American continent… .)

Why Not Change The World? (or, at least, the south American continent… .)


I understand it sounds naive, but if only some leaders would emerge in the countries where all these strong, young, determined men and women are fleeing from (south American countries)… and unite them – they, and hundreds of thousands more, can build their own half of the American Continent! [North and South …]


Why not build South America into a country as strong and inviting as North America?


I watch this caravan in the news and can’t help wondering ….


Why doesn’t the US work to nudge such notions along … support efforts to lead all these people to build another (their own) great country?


Just a thought …


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

A Judeo Christian Country – A point that, more and more, needs to be echoed –


This is an older archived post from Aug 2018 – edited.

"T-shirts saying ‘stand for the flag, kneel for the cross’ draw protest at school."

As I read the headlines and listen to the news, I believe a point that, more and more, needs to be echoed is this:

This is a Christian Nation, founded on Judeo Christian Ideals and Biblical Principles and Laws. It was founded as such a nation [under God] and such is so declared in laws, and spirit of the laws. We are a Nation Under God. WE [The People – The Judeo Christian People] opened our hearts to all creeds and religions out of our Love [as a Christian and Jewish People] and a history of our own religious persecution. [I’ll be money they are not teaching THAT in grade schools].

No one ever imagined that one day we might need to defend that same notion against a growing group that wants to change our Nation, our History, and our Future. We just didn’t think it could happen in our wildest nightmares. It is happening though … and this is [I’m Just Sayin’ … .] my own small way of trying to share little pieces of truth I know …

I can only pray that the loud blasting horns of the Anti God Lobby – [trumpeted on the some large media sites, news shows, tv shows] are just AMPLIFYING the voices of a fewin an attempt to have them sound like many.

I won’t go on a rant as to how some leaders have practically partnered with dangerous groups and powers that be – whom are bent on stealing our country right from under God, the flag, and its people. God fearing, hard working, law respecting, abiding, people who are loving, compassionate, Americans.

Harsh words, but my contentions are true. It is to troubling to me, that my belief in God and declaring the real origins of this great country makes me a out to be a ‘nut’ in the eyes of too many people; and wise in the eyes of not enough people.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here is the story that prompted my thoughts: You would be hard-pressed to find anybody in Dodge County, Georgia who does not stand for the national anthem or take a knee to pray. That’s just how it is.

An Absolutely Revolutionary Proposal

Subject: A New Paradigm – Partners – in a Newly Structured Socio-Economic Framework


Our socio-economic model of how a family spends its time and meets its needs – really – is terribly outdated and out of whack!


No wonder the divorce rate has skyrocketed and our children are more and more withdrawn … . Consider these numbers:


In a typical nuclear family

A man works 40 – 80+ hours – outside the home, buried under stress;

A woman works 40 – 80+ Hours in and outside the home.

Each become isolated in their roles …  their lives get out of sync

… all these converging forces (and more) have worked to sink the family unit.

Divorce, and worse, has spread like cancers across the country.


That gives way to a broken system – not marriage, it is not broken, nor is the concept of the natural family unit …but the entire socio- economic paradigm of old is broken and it has beaten down the natural family like a hammer.


I have a suggestion … .


A New Paradigm – Partners – in a Newly Structured Socio-Economic Framework


Our economy no longer needs a man or woman at work for  8-12 hours a day and 5,6, & 7 days a week. That schedule is pure greed and nonsense – it was a result of unique economic times that no longer exist. A man, in the right economy, ought to easily earn enough dollars to support a family, and plan for the future – with decreased hours on the job [whatever the job is] … . Period.


Let’s move to half those hours, half those days … and let people live their lives!


This simple, possible, change will allow for men to turn greatly needed mental and physical energies – toward their family, their wives, and children. I cannot see how any thinking man or woman in the 21st century would not agree and support this notion.


Plus, it can be structured so that ‘business’ doesn’t take too big a ‘hit’ in profit; productivity can remain high. It’s really a practical and plausible idea.


It won’t change the world, but it seems wise to provide the means for a man to be more of a partner in the fullness of his family – not just a ‘bread winner’; a new paradigm [even if you don’t like my example] can allow men to invest so much more time in their families!


Clearly, some have lost sight of the value, for all society, of the family in the normal and traditional sense; after all, it did build this country [and most of the world].


Men and women no longer need to work sun up to sun down to feed their family; it’s just a fact [here in the U.S.].


So, I believe there is great benefit for our Country in taking a step back to re-examine our needs verses our values in this new world, and recognize that we can greatly benefit from rebuilding, strengthening, the nuclear family.


It’s time to allow husbands and wives  – the time – to be better parents, and the children to experience that blessing …  it’s time to allow (again) women the time to be better wives and mothers … for men to be better husbands and fathers – … it’s time to strengthen the most important and precious miracles we have in this world – our families.


The rest will fall into place.

I’m just sayin’ … .


                        WELCOME NEW REGISTERED READERS!


                                Thanks for stopping by – and come back – often – and your involvement is welcome … …

                I believe that a willingness to work to make a difference (in good and positive ways) – makes the world a better place.

                I did often post daily for a while but only to offer insight into my thinking and sensibilities for new readers [my transparency and candor at work]; currently, I don’t post every day – I will consider adding a widget to send a notice when I do post to registered users who request it [no spam].

                Regardless of our beliefs in the sense of the ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ politic – we of both those political persuasions – need to find our way toward fundamental understandings on both sides and meet somewhere in the middle – or we’re going to lose our country to caricatures and chaos.

                It really is time to heal this country [and others] and I invite you each to be a part of that process.

                I’m Just Sayin’ … .